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i have a hard time expressing myself with family and friends,especially around christmas?

is there something wrong with me.i hate being this way

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    It is harder for some people to express themselves to family/friends verbally...especially around the holidays when the pressure is on to do so.

    Don't be so hard on yourself! Give yourself a break, there's nothing "wrong" with being that's just who you are. BUT, if you do want to be a little less that way there are simple ways to express how you feel without jumping off a cliff and doing something you aren't comfortable with. I think the best way to tell someone how you feel without having to come right out and say it is with cards. You don't have to pick something super gushy-mushy but I'm sure you can find something that will help you express how you feel without compromising who you are. Try Hallmark...they are the best. Get a special Christmas card for your closest family & friends to give with any other gift you may have gotten them.

    Also, don't of the best ways to show people that you care is by just being there with them and for them & being involved and genuinely interested in their lives. Good Luck & Merry Christmas!!

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    Christmas is suicide reason because it is the time of the year when we are expected to be happy, jolly and friendly to everyone.

    Sometimes this is not how we feel and we not allowed to really say what we feel.

    I sometimes express myself through actions. So giving cards and gifts. Also make yourself useful, get into the kitchen, cook, clean and arrange.

    Find topics that you and others can talk about. Sport, movies and so on.

    Or just be quiet, relax, listen, be in the background. That is you, others have to learn to accept it.

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    what would like to tell them? i think christmas is a personal time and different people express themselves differently. write and let them know how you feel about the...everyone likes to be appreciated. if you have problem writing, go look for cards that can help you to express your feelings of send them a song that will do the job...there are many ways to express yourself, you just have to find one that suits you : ) so i don't think there is anything wrong with you...merry christmas from one stranger to another...

  • i HATE my parents...and my family....i'm gothic/emo/punk and NO ONE likes me....people i am around all family....and even my friends are kinda i know what it is like when people are like OOO LETS BE NICE COZ IT IS CHRISTMAS.....

    in my option....**** christmas cheer.....jesus wasn't even born on 25 decembre!!! who the hell cares?! no...nothing is wrong with're sane!!

    HAZZAH FOR US! lol

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    Dear Lissa,

    You should think more about your calm and think more before speaking or doing sth.

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    it is about ones ability ur family & friends know u they woun't mind

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