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I'm 54 and have a 19yo girlfriend, what should I get her for Christmas?

Do you think she'll appreciate some expensive clear heels?


Better yet, how bout a boob job? Do you think she'd like that for Christmas or for her B-day?

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    lol. I don't believe for a second youre a 54 man with a 19 yo gf. More like a horny 20 yo getting his rocks off on YA. lol

    But if you really are 54 with a 19yo, get her a Louis Vuitton purse or something.

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    On the outside chance this is a real dilemma and not a bogus question, I would wonder what you learned in 54 years of being on this earth. Since a 19 year old is quite a find for you, she should be considered special---a gift should reflect how special she really is. In time I would think you'll find out those little subtle hints about her personality and what makes her happy---the gift doesn't have to be anything more than one that is a seriously thoughtful expression of how you feel. I don't know what you two talk about or do, so you need to figure it out. Please,if she is truly there and happy to be with you, give her a nice present accompanied by a card that you have written a few NICE comforting words.Christmas is also a spirit, the giving is supposed to be heartfelt, so put your thinking cap on. Please don't give jewelery--it doesn't take much to wrap up anything that you buy for the sake of just buying something--and clothes is even worse.You can give them if you have a really special gift to go along with it. Remember, she is thinking just as hard as you are about a gift for you.Merry christmas

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    You are 54 and haven't learned anything. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER go buy shoes for a woman. I'm 52 and i learned early on that a man should never ever buy shoes for a woman.

    Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls, a new car or truck works everytime. I'd recommend that you lay in a good supply of Viagra to assist cause you'll never keep this girl once the lead goes out of the pencil. LOL

    This girl is taking you for a ride alright. All the way to the bank. LOL.

    She's found her sugar daddy. My youngest daughter is 25.

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    I think you should think about how much you care about her... I'm 18 and my husband is 53, we got engaged on christmas eve, a wonderful gift, if you really know her, get her something you know she'll like, not something flimzy or something you don't know if she'd like... It doesn't have to be expensive either, it could be 20 cents (hypathetically) or you could make something, things made by hand are so much more special... Anyways, what i'm saying is that cost doesn't matter. The thought you put into it, and how much she means to you for you to do it is what counts.

    Merry Christmas

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    a brain lol. Na I joke, age has little to do in matters of love. Obviously she finds u suitable enough to be her bf, and you her. Since she is legal then I see nothing wrong with it. Get her something in her age group. Electronics score big. I recommend getting her an iPod if she already doesnt have one or an electronic accessory. Those things never seem to bore the Teen group.

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    Definitley get her a younger boyfriend, you are old enough to be her father or even her grandad. You need to get a woman your own age as she is still a child, it makes me feel sick when older men like you lurch on the young and very vunerable. This girl hasnt had time to grow up, let her go out with her mates and let her hair down, i am sure she will meet some1 her own age & be able to grow up propley.

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    A good man is like wine, never too old. She's not into age so dont go there people, else she would have taken someone else. I think the best answer is ...don't ask us...ask her. She's not a "default" blonde, everyone is different. Maybe you guys are into sm, then buy her red leather shoes, lol.

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    nicely you ought to ward off some meanness and basically make her a modern, somewhat of finding out to purchase for her one. Like burn a cd of kick *** songs. Or prepare dinner her something, draw her a image, despite. i'm useful she might like it. and then in case you quite need to purchase her something, get her something else in January, once you've sufficient money it.

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    I would ask her. I am 34 and my boyfriend is 32 and I just asked him what he would like, that way you know for sure you are getting her something that she wants. If you want to surprise her, try and think of something she mentioned in passing that she liked or wanted and surprise her with it, she will see how thoughtful you are and that you listen when she talks.

    Hope this helps.

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    May I suggest that you get her a date with a nice young man around 24, and pay for a great nite out for both of them?

    You're old enough to be her Uncle, so be be the nice one!

    Merry Christmas!!!!

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