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questions about palestine?

what land belongs to the palestinians?

When jews went back to Israel, how many palestinians were living there?

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    That is the wrong question! we all are brothers, and we all have right to this relegious land!

    If you care for an answer from a Palistinian:

    Jews lived in Palistine until Christian kicked them all out. Muslims took the Christian Palistine 600 some years later after an agreement that was signed with the Christian leader (included in it that Jews are now to be allowed back to live there no matter what!)... again, it is the Christian leaders/clerics who asked the Muslim Calif to keep it that way, and muslims kept the promise and very very minor jew population lived there by WW1.

    In WW2, Turkey supported Hitler, Arabs supported the Allies. Arabs brought the UK and France to kick both the Germans and the Turks out in return for their independence; instead, after the Allies won, France and UK occupied the Arab lands, divided Arabs into mini countries, and ended up gifting Palestine to the Jews!

    Unfortunately, Jews think they have a right to a land because they lived there two thousand years ago. However, they forget they are from Abraham, and Abraham is from Iraq (not Palestine)... If Jews are fair and want to go back to their original land, they CAN GO TO IRAQ as that is where they are really from after all! Ismael (son of Abraham) lived withen the Arabs and the bloodline mixed; thus while most Jews are from Abraham, most Arabs are not!

    Just because they occupy a country, does not make it their’s forever, or does it! After all, King Salomon took over the whole world, does that give the Jews the right to demand all earth and ill treat all who live in it?

    I cannot believe that God give any one from any religion any right to ill treat any other. We are all brothers from Adam and Eve, and we should all act as one nice family and share more love!

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