Is there any importance of mythology in our life?

My question is about our customs ,traditions & our religious belief , it is not connected to any particular religion . what a person think about them.

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    Mythology for the reason of tradition is importance because it defines a community.For example at our weddings coming from a mixed heritage of Iranian,Indian and Irish (yes that's a mix and a half) we have some wonderful traditions which are fun loving and endearing.

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    Although I am connected with a religion I strongly question all religious believes/traditional. They all or nearly all, are created by males/man for his ego to keep man on top/in control of other people particularly females.

    Religion is a hierarchy control institution which is a different category than Spiritual. however they are a mixture to different degrees. Spirituality needs now building, group/congregation, money begging leader as religion does.

    I believe that mankind has an inherent desire, drive to know. What he can't know he invents knowledge, thus myths. These he uses to attach happen stance to prove or reinforce the myths so that others will believe and follow him.

    Nearly all of the myths/believes people believe in/follow have no concrete proof. But the point is man has needed this and continues to follow myths. Man has the need to believe in a believe that is superior to his psyche or thinking.

    So yes in its primitive way mythology is important to mankind. The sad think is that there is not enough search, recognition or following nature/spirituality. If we did there would not be the degree of cruelty and wars that man engages in on his neighbor.

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    In my religion, it's important to me. I am a celtic/welsh wiccan, and alot of our gods are very similar to the ones you speak of. Well, lets rephrase, same gods, but different "stories". Alot of people just read mythology, and think "story", but I have studied the backgrounds of the Gods and Goddesses, know what they represent and what powers they have. Who to call on for what particular need, things like that.

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    When I was a child I liked to study the local myths. Some are just good jokes, some want to teach a lesson and some are based on things that really happened.

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    I thinks so. Mythology teaches us about archetypes. I believe that these are basic ideas within our subconscious.

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    not important at all..

    some of them are impractical...

    though they provide entertainment..



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