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What japanese cars are most collectible? New or old, any ideas?

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    For old Japanese cars, I'd have to say the Datsun Z cars, particularly the 240Z, would be tops on the collectability list. This was the first case of Japanese companies building a car that made fans of British sports cars sit up and take notice.

    The earliest Datsun 510's (before they went to a solid axle) and rotary Mazdas are also pretty popular collector cars.

    Moving on into the 1980s, the car that's really grabbed the most attention has been the AE86 Toyota Corolla ('84-'86 Corolla GTS). It's the last of the small Japanese rear wheel drive cars, but it also has a modern engine, the 4AGE. The fact that one of them starred in a Japanese TV show helps. Other '80s candidates would be the Honda CRX, Mazda RX-7, and Toyota MR2.

    For '90s cars, my guess for the cars that will be most likely future classics would be the large sports cars, with the NSX and Supra TT in the lead. The less expensive ones I'd pick for future classics would be the Miata, Integra Type R, Civic Si, and turbo Eclipse. Maybe the 240SX too.

    Whatever you do, get one loaded with the most performance options you can find. Performance options always seem to add to collector value.

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    It used to be an antique car was something 25 years or older. The market has changed quit a bit since then. Now an antique is mainly a car that is from 1948 and older in stock condition. Street Rods are any car modified from 1948 and older. Basically cars that came originally with fenders and running boards. Classic cars are 1949 to 1972. Mainly cars produced before 5 mile per hour impact bumpers and before no lead gas and catalytic converters. Some of these are now going into newer models 1973 and up but the market is thin for these. Of course I'm speaking of American cars. Hot Rods are mainly cars from 1949 to present that have been Modified or given bigger motors. I'm talking about rear wheel drive American cars. A lot of cars are Classic because they are rare when built. Most Corvettes are in this catagory or cars like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley. Mainly exotic cars that cost a lot of cash in the first place. Some new Mustangs, such as Roush or Shelbys are considered classic because of styling, but its up too the market really. What is classic one may not be the next year. All up to the buyer.

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    hmm, i'd have to say any 1960s Nissan Skyline GT-R is fairly collectable. As with early Celicas. I say this from a standpoint of a) not a lot were made, b) they make great driving cars for a pure driving experience without being over or underpowered, and c) they're fairly inexpensive.

    As for new: Acura NSX. A marvel of technology that was deadbolt reliable as well as capable of matching Ferrari 348/355 in most areas performancewise. The R-types are the most collectible, being further stripped down to enhance performance.

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    Older Collectibles

    The Z car's for sure:

    Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z

    Datsun 510

    Nissan 300Z's Twin Turbo

    Acura NSX

    Mazda RX7

    Toyota Supra

    Nissan Skyline

    Honda CRX, Prelude (4WS models).

    Possible future collectibles

    Nissan 350Z

    Honda S2000

    MazdaSpeed 3 & 6 & protiege

    Infiniti G35 Coupe

    Mitisu EVO

    Subi WRX STi

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    The Toyota 2000GT is easily one of the most valuable collectable Japanese cars.

    To the list of new(er) Toyotas I would add the MR-2 and MR-2 Spyder. Especially the 2nd generation.

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    Nissan- Z (300Z)and S(240SX) cars

    Honda- CRX and GSR/TypeR Integras

    Toyota - Rear Wheel Drive Corollas and Supras

    Mazda - RX-7 and Miata

    Mitsubishi - Galant VR-4 and Eclipse GSX

    Subaru - 2.5RS Coupe


    Nissan - 350Z

    Honda - Civic Si and RSX type S

    Toyota - nothing available in the US :-(

    Mazda - Mazdaspeed 3 (This one will be very collectable!)

    Mitsubishi - Lancer Evolution

    Subaru - WRX STI

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    Two of the most collectible are the Datsun 240Z and the late 60s Datsun Roadsters.

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    Mazda RX-7 and the Miata

    The 2005 accord

    All other Jap cars are characterless, and look like we're driving sofas

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    I personal think the Honda's are a nice care easy to handle ( new and old ) It all depends if it going to be your first car My first car is a Nissan bluebird very good gets me a to b with my kids in it.

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