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What are the characteristics of a sensual person, besides self-confidence ?

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    ALL sensual means is "feeling" i.e. regarding the senses.

    A SEXUAL person has self-confidence.

    A Sensual person might have compassion (feeling for others).

    Or be good with visual arts, hand eye coordination, and other sense perceptions. That may help for sex. But sensual people tend to be more introverted and less confident, unlike you atest.

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    his perception

    Perception is the main quality of a sensual person

    (sensual doesn't mean sexual, both are different)

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    in my opinion, as i consider myself sensual, especially sexual... that person relies on senses and lives for sensations. sex, a great example... every inch of me has to be involved, every sense. i need to hear, touch, smell and see...and taste. food, not only to fill my tummy... the burst of flavours on my tongue, the aroma and texture...clothes, the feel of silk when it caresses my skin. i love living sensually and it comes out as being sexy... i love being sexy. i love sexy music... it drowns my ears and .... (mmmh... i need to go find my man)

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