Is there any importance of mythology in our life?

My question is about our customs ,traditions & our religious belief , it is not connected to any particular religion . what a person think about them.

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    Mythology is just that myth. That's not to say there are not lessons to learn from it or entertainment to be had by it. Importance of any information in life is based on how it affects your choices and how seriously you treat it. Myself I only give the Bible such status but that was after 7 years of checking it out at a reasonable level. Mythology I have also studied and enjoyed but everything has it's place.

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    I personally think that mythology opens the broader span of my mind and makes me wonder what can or could be true or how true were the stories of these mythical people and creatures. I tend to try to make sense of what is behind the story or what the actual story teller saw when he described those in mythology. What type of people r Medusa types or Medusans. Who from looking at them turn u to stone. My thought that there r people who have been known to be stone hearted or stone faced or glares that are so cold they remind one of stones. Cyclops are one sighted people who can only see through a telescopic one sided view and not be able to see the broader span of things. Hercules or Herculean people r full of strength inner and outer and withstand all that life throws their way. Get my drift? Mythology has much more to do with modern times than we suspect or want to accept.

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    v learn a lot about our customs n traditions frm mythological stories.......they keep our traditions n roots alive

  • Yes , there is.

    It is 'that' which makes us the cultured & civilised beings that we are .

    O/wise we would be like animals./beasts.

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    To make sense of suffering and tragedy.

  • Anonymous
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    It's possible we have evolved with a need for such things

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    all modern religion is based on it .

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