can u explain to me any 2 poems that edgar allan poe wrote?

any 2 poems

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  • Heyhey
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    1 decade ago
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    OOOO IN KNOW one!!! The Raven. I read it once. it is sort of boring. It like repeats The Raven 50000000 times. It is also the Raven's(NFL) is named after. And the ravens birds are Edger, allen, and POE!!

  • hafner
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    3 years ago

    a million. Edgar Allen Poe is one among my renowned writers/poets! has a tendency to be somewhat creepy, though. He wrote short thoughts and poems, if I remember properly. 2. A Raven 3. i really loved his writing form and his writing established. I do desire he wasn't one of those depressing guy, though. interpreting his biography became basically depressing. 4. i imagine he drank himself to death or something. not effective though. 5. i do not undergo in concepts something about college or protection force. 6. If I undergo in concepts correct, he wasn't popular at the same time as he became alive. basically after he died did his works floor... i imagine. 7. I loved The Raven and The tell tale heart, which i imagine are his maximum nicely-standard poem and tale. 8. He became the initiating of the horror form, i believe. the position would we be with out those... scary thoughts? 9. not particular. 10: A: 0 B: 0 C: 9 D: 9 E: 6? F: 4 G: 7 H: 7

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