are any animals species hermaphradites?

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    yes the lower animals.

    Many lower animals, especially immobile species, are hermaphroditic; in some, such as earthworms, two animals copulate and fertilize each other. Some parasitic species, e.g., the tapeworm, are self-fertile as well as hermaphroditic, insuring reproduction where the parasite may be the only member of its species in the host. Many hermaphrodites are protandrous or protogynous, i.e., gametes of the two sexes are produced in the same organism, sometimes in the same gonad, but at different times; in such organisms (e.g., the oyster and the sage plant) self-fertilization is impossible.

    Source(s): Columbia university press
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    Hermaphroditism is not uncommon among invertebrates.

    Some species of Hydra are protandrous hermpaphrodites.

    Planaria, liver fluke, tape worm, earthworm, leech, snails( having ovotestis), Some urochordates are protogynous hermaphrodites.

    Some toads start life as males and end up becoming a female.There comes a time when they have ovotestis, which means at that time they are hermaphrodites.

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    Lots of animal species are hermaphroditic, especially among the invertebrates. Brown garden snails instantly come to mind, as I have personally witnessed the dual mating (I was gardening, not being kinky)!

    You may want to research the various types of hermaphrodites, ie. it isn't as cut-n-dried as simply being both sexes for some animals (look up clownfish, for instance). Sexuality in 'lower' animals is just as complicated as sexuality in humans, if not more!

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    As well as the other answers, on the news today was a story about a Komodo dragon that has had an "immaculate concpetion" and will give birth to eight babies soon. First recorded case of the Komodo dragon self-fertilising.

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    Watch Finding Nemo? Clown fish is a hermaphrodite. they can change their sex to look after their offsprings.

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    Yes! Coral!

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    oligochaeta of annelida phylum


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