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help me!!! my computer does not have sounds... it's not the speaker.. i think theres a problem w/ the card...

help me!! what should i do.. pleaseeeeeee

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    To check the sound card go to


    Control Panel

    There will be a thing in the upper left hand corner that says Switch to Classic View or it will say Switch to Catagory View. You should be in classic view. (its the one with all the icons)

    Find Sounds and Audio Devices-

    Go to the tab labeled sounds-

    in the box called Sound Schemes make sure its set to Windows Default

    Go to the box called Program Events and find Exit Windows it should have a bell or a speaker next to it.

    Then go down to the bottom to where it says sounds and has a little play button on it.

    Push the play if it turns into a black square(like a stop button) your sound card is fine.

    If it doesn't then you need to reinstall your device drivers.

    Go back to control panel and find System

    Click on the tab labeled Hardware

    Open Device Manager

    Find Sounds and Audio Devices

    Click the little plus sign

    Right click on each the on the list that pulls up and pick uninstall

    on the ones it will let you

    There will only be one or two.

    Then check device manager for any yellow ? Or !

    Uninstall anything with one of those next to it the same way as


    Close out of everything and restart your computer.

    If you still don’t have sound than your sound card is bad.

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    There are only two options for you to consider; either the audio card or missing software... Otherwise just check the sound controls in the control panel (if you are a microsoft user) maybe the settings are put to mute and the bars are set to 0 volume.

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    if your using the Moterboards sound chip, I had the same problem. I simply bought a simple sound-blaster 24-bit soundcard and installed it in my computer. if you choose this method and want some step-by-step setup instructions, email me at and I'll gladly help

    card link =

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    If your computer is not working properly while you are working on it, it could be a problem with device drivers, hardware or software.

    Detailed instructions at

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    1). the sound card isnt installed

    2). it's not put in the right stop

    3). your computer dose not have a sound card

    4). it's broken

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    i think its the speaker it happened to me once buy a new one

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