Do you enjoy the presence of atheists in R&S ? Why , or why not ?

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    1 decade ago
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    Yes it makes my faith grow stronger

    God Bless You

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    Atheists have a strong and serious relationship with the same questions that motivate theists of all faiths: why are we here, how did we get here, where do we go when we die. We've given it at least as much thought as you, probably more judging from some of the posts here, so as a forum for debate they/we are quite in keeping with the terms of the forum. A forum, for those who do not quite get the point, is not like church, where you go to meet other people who agree with everything you say and present you with no challenges. A forum is a place where you actually have to think about the reasons why you believe what you believe. If you can find answers that remove all doubt, your faith has grown stronger. If you find reasons to think harder, then you are finding ways towards the truth even if it is a slightly modified truth from the one you held before (and who is so arrogant to think they have the absolute truth - not atheists, for sure).

    So I hope you enjoy the presence of atheists here. There are too many Christo-fascists who seem to think it should be some sort of exclusive club for Christians to slam everyone else - Muslims, Jews, Hindus and atheists. I suggest you deal with the existence of other people.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes they should be here....If an Atheist saw God today and talked to you think he would still be Atheist tomorrow.... There just like all of us looking for hard answers to hard questions. Blind faith is hard to obtain and hold onto sometimes. I choose to believe Jesus died for my sins, and that I will go on to a better place. The atheist believes you get thrown in a hole or burned and that you rot away or turn to ashes, whichever..... I figure bottom line , whats the worst that can happen......I lead a God fearing life! I'll take blind faith

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    I grow tired of Christians, and Muslims who believe that this section is theirs and theirs alone.

    It is a section for the discussion of 'Religion & Spirituality' not a place to perform your daily limit of 'Conversions & Banishments'.

    Although by definition an 'Atheist' does not have a Deity, it by no means says anywhere that they are not allowed to discuss things here.

    Source(s): Why don't we all just try to stop slamming each other and just ask questions that require a thoughtful and intelligent answer.
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    1 decade ago

    Sure, why not. Adds a little spice to the forum. Not everyone will agree, so a little opposition is a good thing. It keeps you on your toes. Just because they don't believe there is a God doesn't mean they shouldn't be here.

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    I enjoy the precence of everyone in R&S why wouldnt you? This is a Q&A forum. Are atheists bad people? We arent evil just because we use common sense. It is perfectly acceptable to question things including religion. Why are you here if you have all the answers?

  • 1 decade ago

    I enjoy Intelligent conversation. Though I'm getting tired of all the "You Christians kill people" or "Why do you Christians force your beliefs down people's throats" nonsense.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have always felt that atheists asks questions because they doubt their own beliefs. Searching for answers is an indication that they haven't found the right ones and are hungry for knowledge.

    I'm more than happy to share my beliefs with non-believers and have actually convinced a few to believe. Bring it on!

  • Nikki
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    1 decade ago

    i don't like atheists like this guy;_ylt=AgPKz...

    trying to provoke a negative reaction out of christians WHY?

  • 1 decade ago

    only the civil polite ones

    not the ignorant, arrogant ones

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