i have a sprint account and recently bought a samsung spha900 on ebay which consequently cant be used? codes??

the esn# is reported "stolen" is there any manual service program codes i can use to apply MY sprint number to this phone?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    no, because the phone is considered stolen. They would perfer that you would return the phone to them. Its unusable. Next time ask for the esn number and call sprint, to find out if you can use it. They would rather you do that, then have what happend to you happen. If they don't or won't provide the esn number, report them to ebay to let ebay know they may be selling stolen goods. You may want to fight ebay on this, because of it being stolen. It just depends on what the auction said in their listing.

    Source(s): I bought a sprint phone off of ebay almost 2 years ago, and called sprint about the esn number.
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