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Would you be embarrassed to tell your friends your mom is a homemaker as a career choice?.?

If all your friends mothers had lucrative careers but your mother just took care of the household affairs would you be humiliated to say this?.


WEll I guess I made a mistake with this question. I am a homemaker!!1 AHHHH Someone told me my daughter would be ashamed of me and I wanted to hear these answers but instead I hurt ppl by asking the wrong question... I feel very bad. I am very sorry.

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    Wow...I'm sure glad you're not my son! I was a stay at home mom and my kids loved the fact that I was there for them instead of being in day care or wherever. Geeze... when you get married, are you expecting that your wife have a "lucrative career" and your kids go to day care? What's your choice in life? A half of a lucrative career because you expect your wife to support the other half of the family income? Geeze.... disgust me. You should walk a mile in an "at home mom's shoes". Then tell me what you think. I have a feeling you couldn't do this "lucrative career". I bet you couldn't do any lucrative career. Yes "lucrative" ... you should meet my kids! They're thoughtful, smart and just wonderful. They're going to make great husbands.

    I'm sorry, I can't believe you asked such a question and I'm happy to see all the other answers suggesting the same.

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    No. As a homemaker I am proud of what I do. I have two very active young children that require constant attention. My day is very full with meals, baths, play-time, learning, cleaning, laundry, making dinner for my husband, grocery shopping....and the list goes on. I wish my mother had the choice to be a homemaker when I was younger.

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    You must be from the states to have problems like this. How can you even think of being embarrassed of your mom? In some European countries they've set a monthly salary that a homemaker 'would' make if it were a real job and let me tell you it's better than average

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    No more embarrassed than I was to have to tell people that my mother is a professional Astrologer and Spiritualist Medium

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    what job is more lucrative than being a mother and raising children to be mature, responsible adults

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    I won't.

    It mean your dad is well to do and your mum no need to work to supplement the house income.

    I wish my wife no need to work and take care the children, but it just hard to do so with my current pay and cost of living.

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    Don't be stupid.

    Unless you see 'lucrative career' as being the alpha and omega of success.

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    nope.. my mom is also a homemaker. if it wasn't for her i wouldn't know how to take care of my self and my other siblings. she deals with everything. thank god she's all the time to be there for us..

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    No. I would be quite proud to say it, and maybe feel a little sorry for all those friends.

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    I wish I at list have had a Mother to stay home.

    You are luck to at least have one.

    You made me cry.

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