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Removed my body hair (to go to beach), left: my legs, should I remove the a lot of hair from my legs?

I m man, and answers welcome from both men and women. consider that on the beach where I m going will not be alot of people hairy or used to that. there are alot of hair on my legs. ..

so here is the picture, my chest, back, arms, shaved hair

my legs lots of hair.

does that look funny? let me know so I can decide.

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    I think you should shave your legs. Then again, I think everyone should shave, especially men. lol I don't like hairy guys. I like them smooth, androgynous, and hot. I really can't stand hairy legs on a guy. I just think, " Do they REALLY believe that it's some kind of BS sign of masculinity...? Or are they that lazy?" Same goes for deodorant. All guys should definitely invest in deodorant.

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    I think legs or OK but maybe you will want to do your back and arms. go get it waxed off it will be smoother and last longer.

    don't worry it will only hurt of a second but like us

    Lady's say "no pain no gain."

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    A review of the various hair removal methods is available at

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    What we do for love.

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    wax it

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