I don't know what to major in?

what does a radiologist do?

can I be one if I have never study biology before except chemistry and physics?

I'm willing to buy some biology textbooks and study biology if there's a lil bit of biology involve....but if radiology is 70% about biology, I'm thinking of majoring in other subjects....

are there any jobs that only involve chemistry and physics or may be a lil bit of biology??? ( NOTE: I'm not interested in any business related jobs like economist, accountant.)

what does a chemist do?

what does a physician do?

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    A physician is a medical doctor, so I'm assuming you meant "physicist."

    Most chemists and physicists do scientific research, theoretical and/or experimental. Many also teach. Both are much broader fields than radiology, which is training for a specific area of medical practice.

    If you like application, you might also consider engineering. Since you seem interested in medicine and you mentioned chemistry before physics, biomedical engineering, chemical engineering or materials science & engineering are three disciplines that could be of particular interest. Also, it is generally much easier to obtain a good-paying job with a BSc degree in engineering than in the sciences.

    Below are links to several professional societies that should help you further explore all of the areas mentioned above.

    Also see this question and its answers:


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