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whats the best site for downloadind music videos?

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    YouTube with the help of a downloader, such as and a player or converter, such as RivaEncoder. Lately I've really been on a Torrent kick. My favorite site being Luck.

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    alot can be downloaded from the fileshareing clubs,a new one just started an runs in yahoo groups called Pando, can either do requests or what the other members send in to share,personaly my favorite is,, or .de, its free to use for uploading and downloading, has a price per month charge for premium members but if you want to wait anywhhere from 40-60 mins between downloads its free to use

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    or try the file sharing websites.. you can find any type of files there

  • 1 decade ago all type of soft.,movi,songs,and maney more on this site

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