Muscle cramps--PLEASE HELP?

It's 4:45 am where I am, and the worst legs cramp EVER just woke me up. I had one the other nigt, but this was far worse--I almost cried out when I thought it was loosening and it cramped up again. I tried massaging it out, that didn't help. It felt like there were rocks under my skin. It was only one on side of my leg, on my inner calf muscle. It was so bad it actually caused my foot to point out, although I was trying to hold it so my toes pointed up. Nothing made it better, I was finally able to get up without too much pain and without falling over. What could have caused this? I've never had a cramp this severe in my life. I didn't work out strenuously in the past week, I didn't pull any muscles. The only thing was I turned my ankle a tiny bit at work a few days ago, but it only hurt for a few minutes. What could be wrong?

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    If the cramps start again...

    Do this:

    Sit on the edge of the bed, with your knees bent. Now take both hands and put them under your knee so they sorta "cup" around the inside of your knee. You should feel this muscle/bone on the inner side, back side of your knee. You want to try and press this hard with your hands still cupped, while swinging your leg back and forth until the pain stops.

    Stretching or pointing out your feet may only make it worse.

    Source(s): Been there, done works for me. I sure hope it works for you. Wish you luck!
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    Several things could be happening but since you deny any type of injury, it could be your potassium level might be a wee bit low. Try eating a banana daily and see if the cramps decrease. I read the newpaper on a daily basis and there is a column written by a doctor (I can not think of his name) that replies to people's questions and leg cramps is a common topic. He wrote one time to put a bar of soap under the bottom sheet that you would lay the offending leg upon and it would get rid of the cramps. Several people have responded to his column stating that it worked. It might be worth a try.

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    I get the leg cramps too! And the knots are very painfull and prominent. The only thing to help so far is narcotic pain medication. So please ask your doctor for some. I find taking supplements for calcium, magnesium and potasium to help a little but it still hurts to a great degree. Walking around helps a little. I think the cause is Myofascial pain syndrome. And I think what makes it worse it not getting a good night's sleep. Sleep deprivation is common with me and when it's worse so is my pain level. So hope this information helps you! Good luck!

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    You need potassium. Eat some bananas and drink tons of fluids. Try water and gatorade. You might also just be dehydrated.

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    it's usually a sign that your body is out of wack...Dehydration...not drinking enough water can do this.....lack of potasium....eating banana's helps and if they get severe enough you can talk to your Dr. about medication that helps. I can get them by just trying to put my shoes on......they have woke me from a dead sleep also.....Hope this helps you.

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    it can be a sign of stress you need to go a doctor to see if if not a heart problem. xj

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    to be form strong body

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