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What percentage of women are homemakers most of their adult life?.?


I guess in the United States or Canada?. Most women work today so I am guess this number is miniscule, maybe 5%?>

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    Currently, we are running at about 25%...but the numbers are on the rise and have been since about the year 2000. 25% is an average of all women, with or without children...the percentages are higher for women with children than those without, of course. Women are getting smarter and realizing what things matter most in life, and are staying home to take care of them.

    • unfortunately, although it is important, many of my married friends cannot afford to stay at home with their children.

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    I think you'd be surprised - I bet the number is much higher. I've noticed a trend, at least with people I know, of a lot of college-educated Moms deciding to stay home with their kids these days.

    The U.S. Census Bureau probably has numbers for people that report homemaker as their occupation in the U.S.

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    And how about this question:

    What percentage of men are homemakers most of their adult life?

    Every woman needs a wife.

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    all of them. We all have some sort of home to take care of- some just put more time into it than others. We all eat, cook, clean and do laundry. 100% accurate.

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    In which time in history are we talkin? Which country are we speaking of? Here in America?.....If you are taking a survey, put me down for one.

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