I can't sleep and I have to go to work in two hours. . .?

I need some good advice on how to get to sleep fast. I've tried everything I know. . .HELP!

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  • Minx
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    1 decade ago
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    Eeeew!! That's sounds like a scary proposition, work with no sleep!! Pull a sicky babe, tell em you got bad cramps with your monthly or food poisoning, whatever. You will so NOT perform at your happiest/best/at all, if you go to work. Probably also run the risk of getting fired also!!! Jump in a warm bath, dump some vinegar (1 cup) in while the tap is running. This is amazingly soothing and brings the acid mantle on your skin back to its correct PH level (normal soap builds up on your skin and causes boundless irritations). Jump in and soak for like 10 minutes, no bright lights, warm milk/chamomile tea/hot choc, nothing sugar. Then take a calcium tablet put your jammies on, snuggle up in bed and try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth 3 times then reverse.....................hopefully you'll nod off........gee sweetie, hope I helped a bit.........:)

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    I think that you suffer from direct or indirect stress. So don't get stressed. Do meditation with soft music for about 15 minutes in a day. Eat healthy food. Do not think of your past experiences all the time. Keep your mind relaxed.

    Take hot water bath before sleeping. Also read some good books before sleeping. Don't take burden of your work all the time. Spend time with family and friends to reduce your stress. Be good with everyone.

    While sleeping, don't think of what are you going to do the next morning. You can also hear to soft music before sleeping.

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    First.. get off the computer..lol

    Turn all the lights and sounds off.. except maybe some "white noise" which is like a fan or ac... and lay down with your eyes closed...with each breath let go of your thoughts like you are erasing all your thoughts .... breathe in very slow and shallow not deep and exhale slowly... kind of like you are faking sleep , continue to do that...

    even if you don't actually fall asleep, your body will feel like it has rested and it will be easier to get through the day...

    and whether you sleep or not eat a good healthy breakfast with some protein and juice ... don't eat anything sweet that will make you crash and burn later...

    good luck...

    sweet dreams

  • mickey
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    1 decade ago

    set your alarm, then turn the clock away from your vision. lay there and adjust your breathing to a slow, even pace. dont worry if you dont actually fall asleep, your body is recharging its batteries to a certain degree even if you dont fall asleep. get off the comp. youre straining your eyes and that will make you feel very tired tomorrow at work. in the morning, if you have time during your break, go outside and get some cold'fresh air. hold a cool wet cloth over your eyelids. stay busy or you'll crash.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ummmmm...if you have work in two hours you're probably better off just not going to sleep. I know I'm worse unless I get at least six hours. So just go to work, take a half hour nap when you get home, do whatever, then get a good nights sleep :)

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    drink hot milk.. hot water bath.. actually its best u just lie down with ur eyes closed.. u wont get sleep.. but u'll get some rest.. that'll b enough to feel fresh..

  • 1 decade ago

    Stop looking at the clock. Your anxiety is keeping you awake.

  • 1 decade ago

    the habit is common for any life and you adjust it

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