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anyone try proactiv??

I just ordered some proactiv the other day, and I am wondering how good it works.. Does it help a lot?? I get pretty bad acne on my forehead, will it help with that?? i really hope so... I have tried so many things, neutrogena, cleasil, oxy, zapzyt, acnefree, neutrogena pads, and so many more.. i really hope this will work!! I ordered the 1 month to supply just to try it out..

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    I am a licensed cosmetologist and I have specialized in aesthetics ( skin care) for over 20 years and no matter who I worked for (the product line) whenever I had a client who had "tried everything else "I would always advise them to order Proactiv... It really works... and I have seen it work on hundreds ( I even talk my male clients into using it...)

    The real key is to use it ... EVERY morning and EVERY evening... even the moisturizer... it won't make you feel oily... give your skin time to adjust to it... remember if you wash your face and don't moisturize your skin sends signals to the brain to "moisturize" it... which means oil...

    Also.. if you are using gels or other hair products near your face... try to go very lightly with the product or start applying it at least 1/2 inch from your face...

    I have taken excellent care of my skin since I was 18 .. and it wasn't until after I had kids that I started breaking out... and yes.. I took my own advice and I'm still using it to this day... with clear skin...

    Good Luck!

    P.S. I just saw some of the other comments when my answer posted... no one thing will work for everyone... if you feel like you are not getting optimal results call the 800 line... they may recommend sme slight changes... such as using mild products during the day and the stronger products at night... etc...

    I know from experience that most of the time my clients were dissatisfied with the product,after talking it through with them , they weren't really using it properly..

    As far as just using a cleanser... refer back to my comment on how the skin reacts to that.. just "stripping " your skin of dirt and oils will not correct acne...

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    Honestly, I bought it and regardless of the commercials, it did not work for me, AT ALL!! I did find some soap that works great and is a lot cheaper than proactive, and I have also tried everything. I mean, I can not vouch for everyone who has tried proactive, maybe it works for some people, but not for me. The soap is called Panoxyl and I got it at the drug store. It runs about $7 a bar but is worth it!! Good luck!

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    Proactive might be decent, but you should really read this book before using it. If you really want to get rid of it for good, you have got to read this book. However, if you won't actually follow through with what they advise, then don't bother wasting your time or money. However, if you are ready to make the changes the suggest, and they arent even that hard, then it will clear you up pretty quickly, and you won't have to waste any more money on creams and microderms...

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    Ya I've been using it for over a year now and it helps but it's not even close to the miracles it talks about. All it has really done is lessen the amount of new acne to appear but the stuff that was there before I started using it is still there but less noticeable. It's probably when of the better non-prescription methods out there but don't get your hopes up.

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