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Is financial aid offered in arizona community colleges? If so, were is the best college in AZ?

wanting to move from California to Arizona and transfer community colleges. Not sure if financial aid is offered. Is there assistance?

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    Yes, there is financial aid offered at the community colleges in Arizona. It is a pretty common thing among any accredited college with the federal government. A person can tell by reading the financial aid section. It should also have the FAFSA code needed to place into the forms. I also have listed other places to locate scholarships.

    Also, the community college's financial aid office and website will have a list of private scholarships from outside organizations and companies for a student to apply for consideration.

    Second, go to the public library because they have a scholarship list book. It contains some scholarships that are not even listed on the web.

    Finally, join several free membership scholarship search websites. Most are updated on a regular basis. Most offer customized searches based on the information you place into a form on their website.

    Good luck!

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    Yes, all kinds. Fasfa is popular

  • Anonymous
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