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Why do I always get these really wierd Mood Swings?

Im, a 21 year old female, and I have been getting these really wierd mood swings for a while now. I also am very stressed about my carrreer and life etc etc, and got alot of things in my head- But my moodswings are really terrible. One minute I am happy and Next minute im sad. Its almost killing my relationship with my boyfriend of4 years. One minute I get all angry and I start barking at my boyfriend and 5 mins later, I don't even understand and can't even remember WHY I was angry at him and I always end up running back to him saying sorry. This has happend waay too often that I don't think my bf even understand what women go through in life, and I don't think he really even understands this moodswing stuff.

I know, I don't really eat well and I do pull many allnighters due to projects/assignments...I also Think I got some serious memory problem. At times, I cant even remember why we had an argument.

Must be a lack of somthing? Nutrients?

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    too much stress? well having sex can relieve that

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    Could be sleep deprivation, or maybe you have a personality disorder.

    By the way, everyone has a lot of things going on in their head

    If you can't handle the things in your head, you should do your bf a favor and leave him until you can sort things out

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    Are you on any drugs? heavily....our son is the least confusing going, maximum good natured, likeable, approachable guy yet some years in the past (whilst he replaced into sixteen) he went by way of moods that he replaced into so adversarial, he replaced into relatively finding for fights and he might finally sit down and almost cry, telling me how he sees himself going nuts and killing somebody who made him mad.......seems it replaced into his prescription zits drugs, because we knew that replaced into the only element dif we took him off of it and observed a distinction almost at present and to objective it a pair of months later he started it back and had the comparable reaction, now he's back to the super undemanding going guy....Please verify all your meds and if that may not the undertaking very heavily evaluate medical care, even chatting with a school counselor. the reality which you already know there is something incorrect is the 1st and significant step so please stick to by way of with fixing it.........Goodluck

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    Classic case of BIPOLAR DISORDER.

    Seek psych help and expect to be put on medication.

    This disorder can destroy your life and relationships if its not addressed professionally.

    Source(s): several EX girlfriends have had it.
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    Might be bipolar disorder, a very mild case, if so, but I doubt it....

    or an early sign of pregnancy, could it be?

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    Go and have your thyroid, hormone level, and to see if you are anemic. Trust me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    they're called hormones.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    need more sleep or sex

    Source(s): mags
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