Why does man believe in god?

Could it be that when man closes the gap between himself and his self-projected externalized "god" he'll then see the demon of pride creeping forth- that very embodiment of lucifer appearing in his midst? He never longer can view himself in two parts, the carnal and spiritual, but sees them merge as one, and then to his abysmal horror, discovers that they are only the carnal- AND ALWAYS WERE!

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    He couldnt explain with science so he had to put it into supernatrual terms and sadly even though we know the awnsers to the questions that was the birth of this ,"God" they still beleive

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    You see, I believe in God because everything in the universe that IS, cannot just have been as it is for the whole of time.

    And actually, by accepting that God exists, a man is less likely to feel pride, since it is then that he discovers that there is a being much greater than himself.

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    C'mon man really, how can you not. All the evidence points to the facts of a supreme being that created this all this is for sure. Another thing, think of it this way your gonna live live a short 70 yrs and when you die you figure thats it. Let me reasure you man that is not it you are going to live forever somewhere, it's your choice you can choose christ as your lord and saviour or you can choose to do your own thing and you will live eternity in painand suffering called hell. Choose God I want to be your freind.

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    You need to lay off the drugs and try living in the real world for awhile. If you truly want to know about God, then quit thinking you already know all you need to know and dismiss the possibility there is a God. Find a good Christian church (I would suggest Southern Baptist) and study what they believe. Then and only then could you make an informed decision about what true FAITH is all about.

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    why lucifer? We believe in God because we can't bear the thought of total annhiliation upon the death of the body. No-one knows whether or not there is a God, but the belief gives us hope in our own eternality and thereby releases us from the grip of fear.

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    man believe in God because he donot know how first man has born on this Earth and at last he is man,the day he knews that how the life comes in the body and goes where?he has know way that rather than believing God

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    Golly... Would that I could cut and paste Richard Rose's "Psychology of the Observer" so aptly. You truly have a gift for plagiarism.

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    Simple, we are guided

    [006:082] It is those who believe (in the Oneness of God and worship none but Him Alone) and confuse not their Belief with Zulm (wrong, i.e. by worshipping others besides God), for them (only) there is security and they are the guided.

  • Faith and in sorrow, one hope which will envourage him.... when every human laugh at u and no wanna want clean ur tears or gv u hope that time that faith help us

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    People need to believe in something, otherwise life tends to be too scary for them. More so as they age.

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