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i have downloaded a recording software,which records the desktop events.but there is a problem?

i have downloaded aa recording software,which record the desktop events.but there is a problem.the problem is that it 's video show the company's logo on the screen of video, which i dont want, so i want to record the desktop events with clear screen. plz help me out , regards.

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    You can record the screen activity with a freeware like oripa screen recorder:

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    Im afraid there is no possible solution to this other than but the product. I guess ur using the eval version, thats y the logo keeps comin, u can either try to switch to other software or buy this one. But i don`t think nyone will provide all features for free, so go find out the cheapest one n buy it.

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    To remove that logo register the software (especially if you are using a shareware version).

    Also, you can use Windows Media Encoder. series (Free?)... :) but it has some! requirements to run properly!

    Good luck!

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    if the companys ;logo is there that usaly means that u have the trial and need to pay for it cracks to bypass paying for it is illegal

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    crack it...

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