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How do you keep stuffed toys clean?

I have a great collection of them but they often get dirty - I don't know how. I usually wash with soap and water - any better ideas???


I love my toys as much as one would love their pets. So, I need better ideas than a washer.

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    Hi you could just wet a cloth and wipe all your toys clean. this is a gentle and nice way of cleaning the toys without hurting them!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    usually theres a cleaning tag on it, usually it is just put it in the washer but with some of them there is a certain process or whatever, if it is only dust then washer yes.

  • Olivia
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    1 decade ago

    There is a product called Dryell for drycleaning in the dryer. I've used this to clean my 30 year old pooh bear and it worked great. I used to unstuff him every few years and wash him. Then i'd restuff him with new stuffing. With Dryell it's so much eaiser.

  • Depending on what color it is, I wash mine with bleach if it is a light color diluted with water and just spot clean it. Sometimes I leave them in the bath tub w/ soap and water. I hope this helps!

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  • rosey
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    I put them in the washing machine on gentle wash and either place in the dryer or air dry them. My granddaughter has several that she plays with and I wash them quite frequently. I have not seen any wear or tear from washing them.

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    They probably get dirty because of dust. :P

    Just stick them in the washer and they'll be fine.

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    take your stuffed animals, put them in a pillowcase(white works best) and then use the gental cycle on the washer.... good luck

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    just keep in it in a place where no dust can be found and wash it when it gets dirty

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    actually i have something and know exactly were you can get it you can get it at build a bear its fluffing spoap and you can clean your animals with it my niece does it all the times i bought her one

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    in the washer

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