Why hasn't Swedish Snus caught on in the U.S.?

For those not familiar with Snus, it is a form of smokeless tobacco. Before you freak out, it's been proven to be incredibly less cancerous than that of American snuff. I gave up American dip because of the health risks involved.

The Swedish stuff has been all that I've been using. It has a lot more niccotine and is usually portioned to give a great buzz without any mess and mouth sores.

Somebody please tell me you agree Snus is where its at and tell me where to find it!!


Arizona Is Hot-- Swedish Snus comes in all forms of regular dip. Portion Snus is like Skoal Bandits and Pouches, Loose is like your Skoal which is dipped the same way. There are also some variations to both types as well.

As far as obtaining snus, just look it up online. My source is http://www.northerner.com/snus.html until I can find a seller in America.

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    I love skoal classic long cut and have been chewing for years but am worried about the big C where can I get swedish snus can i dip it like skoal? is it expensive? skoal and copenhagen are almost 5 dollars a can in arizona

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