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Is it possible for me to overcome fear of Doctors?

As long as I can remember Ive been very fearful getting a pap. The thought of one makes me very nervous. It is an undescrible fear. Never been raped or misused in anyway. Dont under why I have this fear. When I was younger I thought that I would grow out of this fear once I was older but it is the same. I wished I could overcome this problem but I can't. Now I'm afraid that something is wrong with me because Ive never had a paps. Please help. Do anyone know how I can over come before this problem cause me my life?

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    I have the same fear, and yet, I want to become a doctor. Weird, isn't it? Anyway, I suggest taking a friend with you. See if it's possible to just meet with you doc a few times before you actually go for your appointment. This may help you feel more comfortable around them.

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    You have to look at things in their proper perspective. You have a fear of the doctor. That's normal. I fear the doctor and the tests too. But I go see a doctor because I would fear having a condition unchecked even more.

    You have to stop dwelling on the fear. Instead, think of the importance of these tests to you health. You already know that and the sooner you get the tests done, the sooner you will be relieved to know you are OK. And if they don find something, the sooner you will be treated. In the end, you know it is all for the best.

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    I have a fear of doctors too. All you can really do is work through the fear and see the doctor any way. Finding a doctor with whom you feel comfortable is important.

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    Take a trusted, faithful girlfriend with you. Do some background checking on the Doctor you visit. See a FEMALE Doctor. Women are more sensitive to female issues, and would be more understanding to your fear. Good luck.

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    It is very important that you find a doctor with whom you are very comfortable and who respects your fears and is willing to listen to them. Call your local womens' organization for somebody they can recommend. Or ask your friends and relatives. If you are once comfortable with your doctor you will not be afraid at all anymore but proud of yourself! You go girl!

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    Hey no women likes to have it done, but we do it because, finding out that we may have something wrong is even more scary.

    So you make your apartment, go down there and get it over with.

    Take someone with you if you feel really stressed, like your mom or sister, or someone you feel comfortable to sit with you while you have it done.

    And it helps if your comfortable with your doctor, like maybe if its a lady it might make you feel better.

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