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Moving to Arizona from California. What community colleges are recommended?

I just had a newborn from x boyriend. Going to AZ so he may help, while I go to school. Im pretty scared with the whole move and all. Any recommendations.

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    MCC (mesa community college)

    SCC (Scottsdale Community College)

    Scottsdale gets the nod for having the sports nickname of "artichokes"

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    Check out azcas. Arizona course applicability system.

    There are 10 community colleges in phoenix, all part of the maricopa community college district (largest in the nation). They have great teachers, student to teacher ratios, and cost 1/3 the tuition of ASU (arizona state). The same group that accredits the big arizona colleges accredits this family of community colleges. If you take "AZCAS" approved courses, they are 100% guaranteed to transfer to ASU, U of A, or NAU.

    Which one of the ten to go to depends on where you live. I have found SMCC, GC, and MCC to be excellent, but I have also heard good things about GCC, RSC, and SCC.

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    I attended both Glendale Community College & Phoenix College. I liked them both

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    PVCC(Paradise Valley Community College)My brother goes there,it's great!

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    i attended phoenix college, loved it

    my husband went to glendale community college he loved it there, i guess its a matter of going where they have what u want to major in.

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    MCC(mesa communtie college) is good my bro goes there.

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    EAC... super cheap... if you breathe.. they let you in.

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