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Is there a secret to good food? Is it really butter and sugar?

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    Not entirely, but I sympathize with the feeling. I've had to give up sugar for many, many years, and butter is just too expensive to use much. But there is also flavor in other things we shouldn't have, so I know what you mean.

    If you can still eat whole grains, you can construct some pretty good stuff with fruit, including juice or dried fruit, as the major sweetener. Or, more realistically, find a decent natural food store and buy them. In fact, some of them have fresh bakeries and can really make a very nice birthday cake without sugar. Without butter too, probably, if you ask, since some customers may be vegan.

    And don't forget real gourmet cooking goes into making meats and vegetables, even ones that really are good food. It may take more work, but eating healthy and also flavorful really is possible.

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    Good food is merely an OPINION...

    So no secret there, just ones taste in whatever is being cooked.

    There are some general rules of thumb but really they can mean nothing to some if you weren't raised with a certain palette.

    Happy Friday!

    : )

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    Butter is great, but "pork fat rules!"

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    No, you have to have salt and fat too. :-)

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