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why haven't had my period in almost 2 months?

my friend and i TRIED to have sex, i am a virgin and he was unable to get his penis in properly, so we stoped trying to do it. He wasnt wearing a condom and i am wondering if this could lead to pregnancy? this was 3 months ago and i have only had my period once since then. whats the problem? =[

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    yes you could be pregnant, even tho he didnt c.u.m. inside you precum containts sperm too which is why its NEVER safe to have unprotected sex and there is every chance you could get pregnant. get to the doctors for confirmation.

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    First of all, if you become sexually active, you need to see a gynecologist. I would go three to four months without a period. I went to a gynecologist and she put me on the pill because I am sexually active and my body wasn't working properly. If you are not pregnant(they test for that and STDs there) then you have nothing to worry about. Sometimes our bodies just do that when we are stressed or when we become more or less physically sctive. However, if there is something physically wrong with you causing you not to have a proper cycle, then you should see a gynecologist or a family doctor. Above all, don't panic, and if you are pregnant you can get help for that situation too. If you are a young teenager, you should talk to your parent(s). Ask your mom or dad to see a doctor if you continue to not have periods.

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    Well, given the fact that, you have had "a" cycle since your last encounter, you are surely not pregnant. . .

    Myself, If I work-out too much, or don't get enough sleep, or am letting the stress-levels build, or, am even just doing too much for several consistent days, and weeks, then I will skip a period too. . . Have skipped months in a row too, means your not healthy enough to produce a baby.

    If your body fat is low, and you are perhaps too-active, then your body will not produce eggs, your body knows you better than you, lol, but so true. . .

    Not to worry, . . . try slowing-down a bit, eat healthy, get more rest, work-out some stress, and you should be back to being fertile in no time. Aren't our bodies so intuitive. . .

    : )

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    The stress of worrying about being pregnant is keeping your period away. Don't stress about it. If you have had your period at all since it happened then you are very unlikely to be pregnant. I would bet money that if you took a pregnancy test tomorrow you would also start your period. Sometimes the relief of knowing you are not pregnant is enough to get it started.

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    How in the world do you *try* to have sex? WOW. Next time you want to have sex, please go find someone who can figure out how to get it in there, or you'll be left completely unsatisfied and giggling at your partner.

    I know it sounds b|tchy, but if a dude tried to screw me and didn't know how, I would LAUGH IN HIS FACE!! lol lol (even if he was a virgin)

    Go to Planned parenthood and get a pregnancy test. They Only cost 10 dollars and also while you are there you need to get some condoms for your next sexual encounter.

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    Take a test and see, if not it could be stress stopping you having your periods. Try making your partner wear a condom its not just pregnancy your at risk from all these STI's you could get just be careful and happy mating.

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    Take a pregnancy test, if it's negative go see a doctor.

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    you know you could be pregnant if this sexual encounter happened very close to when your period happened duringthat time.

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    Try not having sex...lol

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