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Stupid cat getting water up his nose every time he drinks water!?!?!?

Every time my boy kitty Smokey who is 7 months old drinks water he always sniffs it up his nose and starts to cough and sneeze for a while! He does it every time! How can I get him to stop and is this dangerous to him?


its not just occasionally its every day he does this

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  • Gary D
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    Cats do that often. It's nothing to worry about. Kittens especially are just learning their depth perception for the first time when it comes to telling how far away the surface of the water is.

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    "Stupid" is not very applicable term to be using. At 7 months when your parents were still feeding you from bottle or breast & getting frustrated at you, did they call you stupid ???

    The constant frequent getting water down the cats respiratory system will make him more likely to have colds, sinus trouble, etc.

    We picked up a cat from the local Humane Society that was kept seperate from the others until his system was clear of a bad cold spell. Even then, he suffered from constant runny eyes & some sneezy spells.

    I'm sure if a better water dish arrangement > one where his face doesn't have to be so far down in it to reach the water doesn't work. You can always try a hamster water bottle. That way when he wants some he has to lick the end to make the water come out....his face will be turned slightly to the side, thus preventing any water from getting anywhere near his nostrils or airways which would make him choke or hamper him.

    Make sure there also isn't an underlying vision problem here that isn't being mentioned, a thorough vet checkup can make sure all is ok with vision - depth perception, short range/long range visions, etc.

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    Many cats have a problem determing water DEPTH - this is a common problem and it sounds like your cat is one of those. He isn't stupid. The solution is to get a bowl that is either shallower than the one he has now or better yet, get a water bowl with a design at the bottom (fish or kitties or sonething) to help your cat estimate how deep the bowl really is.

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  • Iris
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    1 decade ago

    My cat has been blind for the last 6 months, and that happens to him all the time. So far, he hasn't had any health issues because of it.

    Either your kitten will stop doing it on his own, or he won't. There's nothing you can do unless you give him his water in a saucer or plate. My cat refused to drink from one, but maybe yours will like it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try giving him water in a wider dish (not so deep)...and if that doesn't work maybe offer him a straw?

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe a shallower bowl?

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