Aren't life and existnece miracles, just prolonged long enough so that you consider it normal?

The fact that there is something is a miracle and unexplainable mystery. It is likewise utterly unimaginable that there could ever be nothing. Nothing or something are both inexplicable.Life is a miracle, our ideas of justice in this universe are a miracle, a tree is a miracle.What is harder a short miracle or one that is prolonged and is maintained for millenia? Our life is something that should never have been and statisically could not be, yet it is, what is that? that is the impossible becoming not just a momentary reality but a fixed law. That is a miracle, so all believe in miracles or you could not be.


I think that my thought have led me to consider that it may be a false dichotomy, or duality .Just like Aristotle thought that different laws and material made up the heavens but later experience revelaed that much of our expericne of the universe extends to the heavens as well. So what we look at as separatewas only an argument made up, because we diddn;t know how to sort things out, concerning religion and science. Perhaps a more thoughtful and careful consideration can supply new helpful ways of defiing things. After all what is the idea of the "separation" but a definition as well, that you stick to.

Update 2:

Puppy, the first part of my posting is a question and then follows some comment or details. What I am saying is that, it is not near impossible but it is impossible to think how there could ever be nothing, I mena absolutely nothing, for then we still imagine something, like total blackness or darkness , or "something" likre that, but it is impossible to conceive of true nothing, and yet it is equally impossible to understnad how anything got here or how ther can always have been something eternal, yet it must be. These kind of thoughts strengthen my faith in the required Deity, who is capable of it. Why should I believe in something less than full blessed , intelliegnet God, when I must accept that something existed forever, why shoudl I imagine that it is some ridiculous ,unperfected thing, when I can and should accept that more likely it was a God. When I have to accept something. Then in combination with ideas that the system of the earht , presents to me, it becomes even greater.

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    you definitely are an extraordinary thinker,listen ;this is kind of

    a 'tip' in order for you to become a philosopher type intellectual,

    remember to read but not to accept everything as an absolute

    truth,and hold on to your convictions ,no matter who abstract they seem to be at first sight,so you will always have a starting point from where to start your journey,other wise ,you're good!!!

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    You're saying that it is near impossible for there to be something or nothing. What do you think is inbetween? Some sort of semi-life?

    One thing that I'm not sure of in your STATEMENT (ie: not a question) is whether you are refering to divine miracles (via a god or deity) or just a chance happening that was ultimately highly unlikely.

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    If you redefine "nature" to mean "miracle" then yes. But - miracle generally means something that is outside of nature. Something that is SUPERnatural.

    And I don't understand that you contend our life "statistically could not be." Given billions of years, and in the right environment, building upon mistakes, nature can build life. You just have to wrap your head around the timeframe.

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