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Patrick Roy the best goalie ever? Yes or no?

Is he the best yes or no?


Patrick Roy from the Colorado Avalanche. The Avalanche's best golie.

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    Of course, he's the best goalie ever. He was the heart and soul of the Montreal Canadiens, until Mario Tremblay came and crashed the party like an *******. He's proven to be a leader as well as a legend..

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    1) Terry Sawchuk 103

    2) George Hainsworth 94

    3) Glenn Hall 84

    4) Jacques Plante 82

    5) Tiny Thompson 81

    6) Alex Connell 81

    7) Martin Brodeur* 81

    8) Tony Esposito 76

    9) Ed Belfour* 75

    10) Lorne Chabot 73

    Harry Lumley 71

    Dominik Hasek* 69

    Roy Worters 67

    Patrick Roy 66

    Turk Broda 62


    Patrick Roy 151

    Grant Fuhr 92

    Martin Brodeur* 89

    Billy Smith 88

    Ed Belfour* 88

    Ken Dryden 80

    All in all he was very good with a very good team

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    The people who say he isnt the best ever arent dealing with reality. Patrick Roy arguably carried the Habs to the 1993 Stanley Cup. No player, Orr, Gretzky, or anyone else could make that claim. They all had great supporting casts. That particular season, Roy was on a good but not great team that got hot and stayed around because of him. He has won the most games of any NHL goaltender, regular season and playoffs. He has the most Conn Smythe trophy wins of any NHL goaltender. That cements his reputation as the greatest NHL goaltender of alltime. He should have probably been regular season MVP on more than one occasion during his career. Check his biography on Wikipedia or some other website that his information if you dont

    believe what I am saying about his accomplishments. Any other goalie besides Roy would be a grave injustice to the sport. Those

    who make the argument for Dryden have to remember he was

    playing on a stacked team as well. He was great, but he wasnt the only superstar on that team, which included the likes of Cournoyer, Lafleur, Lemaire, Shutt, Robinson, Savard, Lapointe,

    and so on. Yes, Ken Dryden played an important role on that team, but the late 1970s Canadiens teams (1976-1979)were very good at both ends of the ice, arguably the greatest NHL dynasty ever. I would put money on them to beat the five consecutive Cups won by the Habs from 1956-1960.

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    There is no "best" goalie ever. Jacques Plante. Georges Hainsworth. Glenn Hall. Tiny Thompson. Clint Benedict. Terry Sawchuk. Ken Dryden. Dominik Hasek. Martin Brodeur. How do you measure all these guys against each other? You really can't. A lot of people give Patrick Roy the nod because of his total wins. However, the league played fewer games before Roy started his career, and some players like Hasek played in Europe early in their career or spent most of their career playing for poor teams. That said, you cannot deny Patrick Roy's place amongst the top goalies ever. I just do not think there is a single, quintessential goalie EVER. People's opinions on this are driven too much by personal bias.

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    Great goalie...yes! Best ever...No!

    He certainly deserves to be mentioned with the very best of them and there are a lot of all time greats but Terry Sawchuk has my vote for best ever. He set the standards for all goalies, did it without the benefit of a mask and against 5 other teams(he played in the Original 6 era) instead of todays watered down game. Back then a 4th liner was a real talent, in todays game with so many teams there are less than deserving players on some teams second and third lines. Also Sawchuk didnt have a massage therapist, whirlpools and top medical staffs or airplanes (can you imagine riding a train and then gearing up to play within hours of the ride). There werent backup goalies to take the 15 to 20 games of wear off each year and he posted an incredible 103 shutouts (again this was done against great players that knew his game yet they couldnt beat him). We certainly get the pleasure today of seeing some great goaltending but what Sawchuk accomplished was Ruthian by comparison.

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    He was the best even before he went to Colorado, his legend started with the Montreal Canadiens when he won the Stanley cup his rookie year and again with Montreal in 1993. he was the best goalie then and will be crowned the best ever in the history of the NHL. THE KING OF THE CREASE!!!!!!!!TRUE NHL LEGEND.

    Thuggy J>>>> yes Brodeur is a great goalie and will challenge Roy's record but Hasek is not in the same category as Roy and Brodeur this guy's are real champs.

    fugutasti...Hasek is not in Roy's place never was, Hasek didnt start to play well till he was old yes he did good with the Sabres but then went and played with the Wings and won his stanley cup. Roy won the cup for the Habs in 1986, and in 1993 almost by himself.

    GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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    St.Patrick is the best ever. When you can take the '93 Habs to the Stanley Cup Finals and win when they had no business doing so with the roster they had that year then yes he is the man. Brodeur always had a good defensive corps. in front of him, Roy didn't have that but still left Montreal with about 279 wins. His passion for the game was only surpassed by his passion for winning.

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    He was easily one of the best I ever saw, and I put him up in my top five with Brodeur, Hasek and Sawchuk.

    My pick for the greatest goalie ever (and this is a guy I saw a lot of, so I'm a little biased admittedly) was Ken Dryden. He won 5 cups and retired at his peak.He was the fastest guy for his size that I ever saw in goalie equipment. If you want to see REALLY eye-popping numbers, find his college stats from his time at Cornell. I think he lost 5 games total over three seasons.

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    Roy was a good goaltender. Best ever? Highly doubt it. No one comes close to Ken Dryden's list of accomplishments during his short career. Is he the best? Again, highly unlikely. It is so hard to compare pre-expansion goalies to latter day ones. Bernie Parent was one of the best. Tony Esposito's single season shutout record speaks for itself. Sawchuck, Hall, Broda, Plante, Vezina, Hainsworth, Cheevers went undefeated for 33 games. You have Brodeur closing in on Roy's win totals. Best ever? In my lifetime, I began watching from 1963 until today, I have to say Dryden, but he had some great teams in front of him, as did Roy and Brodeur. I only pick Dryden due to his overall record and his coolness under pressure. Glenn Hall deserves an honourable mention as does Johnny bower and Sawchuck, although I only saw him late in his career.

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    The best goalie the Av's ever had but not the best ever. Too many goalies from the past are better than he ever hoped to be... Terry Sawchuk, Tony Esposito, Ken Dryden, Glenn Hall, Jacques Plante, I could go on and on...

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