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My dog has authritis (sp?) is there anything that we can give her to help with pain?

she has authritias(sp?) real bad in her back legs and is really get up there in her years. since we dont the $ to take her to the vet is there something else we can give her

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    Use a credit card, borrow, sell something. The dog needs a vet, they can alleviate her pain.

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    Don't try and take pills that other people might offer you, that there pets have taken. Cause every dog's body is different, Good food, vitamins that will help her joints and strengthen her bones, Do not jog, or take her for long walks, This will hurt her back legs more. Try not to give her allot of treats, this will make her gain weight which will put more pressure on those bad legs. Call a regular pharmacy and tell them about the dog, tell them you can't afford it right now to take her to a vet-perhaps they know of something you can give her. They know all about medicine. I have a Golden retrieve that is 2 1/2 yr old, she has Hip Display they wanted to replace her hip for only 5,000.00. We don't have that kind of money. so they gave us pain killers, ya know the multi vitamins we take over the counter, a vet told me a dog could take the same kind. Or call the humane society in your home down, they know alot about dogs and you talk to them on the phone for free.

    Source(s): or if you have a pure bred dog, look it up on the web site for a rescue center for the type of dog you have and ask them, they might have a whole lot of free information for you. Good Luck and Merry Christmas
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    Go down to your local health food store and ask for Liquid Flaxseed Oil. Make sure it's the oil and not the actual flaxseeds or the pills. Add 1 tablespoon to your dogs food each day or if your dog won't eat it you can give them the oil with an eye dropper. Flaxseed is a powerful anti-inflammatory and provides essential fatty acids that dogs need. You can also take the oil yourself since it has MANY benefits. My moms dog is 14 years old and we've been giving her the flaxseed oil for over a year now and she's moving around a lot more. Also your dogs skin and coat will be very healthy with this oil. Hope this helps!

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    Arthritis is a disabling condition for both humans and dogs. There are specialist treatment centres (I can give you the address of a lady here in Spain who manufactures a cream for arthritis in animals which is relatively inexpensive...just e-mail me and I'll give you her e-mail address)

    However, for an even less expensive attempt at treatment...Try Ibuprofen. It works for human adults and will help with your pet. One thing, though, weigh your pet fairly accurately and calculate the dosage well. Depending on the dosage per adult divide the weight and give the dog no more than the proper ratio of treatment/pound weight.

    If in doubt ask a pharmacist to calculate it for NOT overdose your dog.

    Sorry to hear your pet is in such pain, I hope the ibuprofen works for you...It has been successful here with several dogs to my knowledge, Good Luck


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    dogs can take regular aspirin for arthritis pain. The dosage depends upon the weight of your dog, so you might call your vet to get the correct dose. It can really help. good luck

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    our huge female lab had arthritis and kidney stones often in her old age, I would give her Bayer aspirin on the days when she was in a lot of pain (try just one to see if it helps - if you have a real big dog you may need two)

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    a common non medicated treatment that we use for humans might of the magnet therapy mats under pups bed....wonder if you could even get a collar or harness with therapy magnets in it??

    Could help to a degree, many human sufferers swear by the therapy.

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    Baby aspirin is what I gave my basset hound doggie. That seemed to help her alot with getting up the steps, etc. Good Luck to you and your dog.

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    you can give him asprin, bufferd is the best, it doesn't upset the stomach as much.Tylenol and ibuprofen, should not be given to dogs.A large dog is 1 asprin, so go from there on yout dogs size.

  • Check this web sight out there is a agility supplement on there that is all natural it has helped our dog and he is 12

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