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I need to know if how im feeling are considered early signs of pregnancy?

I just got a cold and im feeling tired and weak but then I have a bad headache and i have a back ache. When I had sex for the first time a couple weeks ago me and my boyfriend didnt use a condom and he pulled out. I know their is a risk of me being pregnant even though he pulled out. should i be worried at all and when do u start seeing signs of pregnancy. I cant wait till my next missed period to find out if im pregnant or not b/c my periods are so irregular that at times i dont get it for two months. Please help.

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    Please go to ~ They have answers that will help you.....from 1 dpo - 20 dpo ....... What signs you need to be looking for ect...... It really helped me....

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    I didn't experience those signs with my pregnancies but everyone is different. My first sign was waking up in the middle of the night feeling slightly nauseated. You should wait until about 3 weeks from the sex and take a home test. If you were fertilized it has had time to implant and you would be producing the HGC hormone.

    More than likely you are just stressing and worried about being pregnant that your body is faking signs. Our bodies can do this when we are afraid of or want to become pregnant.

    Go to your local health department and get on the pill, you can go alone and your parents do not have to know.....also you can do a pregnancy blood test while you are there....they are very accurate and free or almost free. The birth control pill is also free to most and if not free very cheap.

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    Why did you have sex and not use a condom? There are several pregnancy test that you can take before your period is due! You also need to go to the doctor and tell them what happened...they can help you out. If you are worried about expenses, go to the free clinic...every town has one!

    The first signs of being prego is being tired, soar breasts, and implantation bleeding which is very lite bleeding! Not all women have these signs...the most common sign is a missed period!

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    My first feeling was fatigue and being tired. This was within the first week of conception. Byt the second week my nipples hurt REALLY bad and breasts are fuller. I also felt like I had a hangover from drinking alcohol. Thats when I took a p.test, and it was positive. I have irregular periods too, so was hard for the doctor to figure out a due date. They did an ultrasound with both of my children to find out how far along I was, and by this particular time I was just under 3 weeks since conception.

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    Go buy one of the new early pregnancy test 99 percent accurate.

    they are hormone based and detect much earlier than years ago.

    You may have to ask the drugstore clerk or pharmacist for the test kit as they steal them off the shelves so much in our area they have put many behind the counter.

    Off course it's for your older sister or cousin!

    Source(s): Been there know that, i worked in a store that sold them.
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    Sounds like you've got the flu. Do a test.

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