Will Windows Vista rival OS X?

I'm a pc head, but man, windows is such a headache sometimes and I'm very computer literate. My friends call it legosoft because you have to customize it just right to work well i.e. registry hacks etc. I have been reading the reviews about vista and they all say microsoft stole from Mac. Should I just get a mac with intel and run bootcamp or parralells to have stable computing?

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    A lot of OS X architecture has been reconstructed in Vista, though I have a feeling Vista will fall short of OS X. First of all you have to consider how Vista is simply eye candy, it has very little of what was promised by HillBilly soft. the new file system is missing and so are most of the .NET revamps, not to mention how most hackers focus explicitly on Windows given or not its poor security.

    Also we can't consider Wintel as a main camp anymore with Apple's move to intel processors. I say go with a Mactel or even a G5 with the latest OS X.

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    Leopard! This is so because with Leopard you know you won't have the bugs and viruses and Apple is always on top of things to keep you happy :-). I have tried my friend's Vista and I don't think it's anything like what they say. You'll have to have virus programs and things like that. I switched to a Mac back in 04 and have loved it since! Well I really don't know if you are thinking about buying Vista or Leopard, but obviously I would go with the Mac. Hope this helped!

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    How would running Microsoft on an Intel machine built by Apple be any more stable than running Microsoft on an Intel machine built by Dell?

    If you want the stability of OS X you need to run OS X.


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    I only heard about Mac switching to intel the other day. Running Win alongside MacOS sounds neat, but then I remembered you'd be cutting off all the perks of not having to deal with Windows.

    Do your primary uses involve things that can be achieved with less hassle on Mac? If no, then no I wouldn't make the transfer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can bootcamp or parallel or now vmware... but they still run legosoft! so they will still have BUGS and VIRUSES and SPYWARE!!!

    there are alternatives such as the wine derivatives that run pc programs without running windows! lots of programs won't run under wine, but it is safer, and it is the future for running windows on the mac.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think Vista will stoop so low as to be on OS X's level.

  • 1 decade ago

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