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is it bad to wear 2 week (or 1 week extended) contacts longer than you're supposed to?

I've had my contacts for a while but one day I lost two (by wiping the bottom of my eye) in less than 12 hours :(

I'm *pretty* sure both of them were from the same eye so I was wondering if it's bad to wear my contacts (acuvue 2) longer than the 2 week period.

It's been another week already (so one eye = 3rd week, other eye = 1st week) and I'd really hate to waste more contacts...

So can I just leave both in and at the 4th and 2nd week use fresh ones again?

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    I asked my optometrist the same question, and he says if you clean them thoroughly and empty the saline in your contact container often, usually you can extend the life of the contacts. Meaning, he frequently finds it's okay to use them longer than you're supposed to. You won't hurt yourself unless they are ripped, or have a deformity in them that could scratch your eye.

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    Funny you ask this, as I've been wearing the same pair for about 3 1/2 weeks now (I usually change them when it's time). I don't really notice a difference, but I just make sure to clean them well.

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    It's not recommended, you should NEVER wear them for more then one month. Disposible contacts were not designed to be worn for long periods, protein will start to build up and they will become more suceptable to bacteria. You can wear them longer on a rare occasion but after a month it's way too dangerous. After two weeks the contact will become less comfortable and irritate your eyes. If you have been wearing the same pair of lenses for over a month go see a doctor, you can have an eye infetion and not even know it but it can still harm your eyes.

    Source(s): I work in an optical.
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    You're not supposed to do that. The contacts deteriorate after time.

    However, unless your eyes are hurting, you'll probably be okay. Just don't sleep with them in, and make sure to clean them very gently.

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    I wore mine for six months when it was supposed to be two weeks. Probably not a smart thing to do but I can still see.

    Just be careful. Talk to your eye doctor and get an expert opinion.

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    wearing you disposable lenses for longer period of time is damagin to you eyes,specially if they're not cleaned properly,they can cause eye infection,and this can lead to other eye diseases.

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    Aren't your eyes important to you?. Of course it is bad. I am blind. Will you join me soon?

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