create invisible folders in windows?

is there a way to create invisible folders in windows. I think it can be done by giving some unique name to the folder by pressing the ALT key or something like that. Does ne one know how its done???


This is besides clicking on "hide folder" in properties

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    right click on folder , choose hidden , then its hidden ,

    here is a good way to hide your files ( OR MOVIES ) from the search engine .

    create a new folder by using a foreign language ( Japanese is good) by surfing the net on Japanese site copy name and past on folder name ,

    zip ur files ( or movies ) by win zip then cut and paste ur zipped file into this new Japanese folder ,

    now try to open the zipped file .. it will not , when ever u need to open just cut and take out the folder , unzip and return the zipped file inside the folder .

    finish reading ur file ( or watching it ) then delete the unzipped files while keeping the original zipped file .

    this way xp search engine can never find ur files

    note : the

    1-alt symbols can be read by XP u need something cant :)

    2- when want to take out ur zip file from the folder , cut and past dont copy , cut will take ony seconds but copy will ytake 2much time

    ops .. one more thing ALT + numbers is the one u asked for

  • 1 decade ago

    u cant anyway create a invisible folder in windows instead u can try making a folder and then setting it to be hidden

    if u wish to hide the contents for the folder u can do so

    by changing the name and altering the name in the dos propmt by keeping the alt key pressed and enter the number for the character to be typed or try some foriegn language that is not installed in ur computer]

  • 1 decade ago

    go to properties of the folder and check the hidden box or go to dos version and give attrib -h for the folder. simple

  • 1 decade ago

    you can hide folder though

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