Does ANYONE know why it takes 6months - 1yr for a healthy couple to conceive ????

Im curious*** Why does it take a normal healthy couple that long to conceive ? What are they doing wrong ? OR whats the reason ? Why if timed right cant they get pregnant...... No std's, no stress (very little)......Whats going on with that ? I hear it all the time , but dont know the reason........... ????


I understand people stress... What I want to know is the medical reason..... OR is there one ? People say "only a certain % each month" where do they get the % from ? I hear it all the time on here... If its timed right theres still only a certain % ? Why ? Whats the reason ? NO STRESS ECT..... Does anyone know, or a myth ?

Update 2:

Married to Mr Brit1...... Ok...thats what I wanted to know....... Thanks....

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    From what I read on the subject, there is about a 20% chance of becoming pregnant - and that's when EVERYTHING is lined up PERFECTLY. I'm talking, egg, sperm, timing, everything. So that would be a one in five chance of even conceiving. Then, many times, the sperm may fertilize the egg but it never implants itself into the lining of the uterus - so it expels itself just as if you're having your period (sometimes called a chemical pregnancy). And this can be due to various reasons as well. So the odds are that you will have a baby, but just not as fast as some people think.

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    My hubby and I conceived our daughter in 3 months without even trying...6 months to 1 year is simply the average time. Anything up to a year is considered a normal time to become pregnant. I think this takes into consideration people who just have sex randomly to get pregnant, not really taking time to understand when in the cycle is the best time, etc. I could be wrong, though. Besides, how do you know both people have good fertility? It's always possible that one or the other have slight fertility problems, but not enough to need treatment. Also, simple things like smoking, drinking, bathing in too hot water (for men) can lower the chances, so if the man uses a hot tub, for instance, and then has sex with his partner, his sperm aren't going to be living or at least not very mobile, depending on the time between the two acts. A woman may not ovulate every single month, or the egg may not be viable. Also, just because an egg is fertilized, that doesn't mean it will implant properly into the uterine, there are a LOAD of very early miscarriages and at least half of the woman that have these never know it has happened.

    There are a load of reasons why it takes so long to become pregnant, even for healthy couples who have great fertility! Consider also the fact that the egg is only present for about 18 hours out of the whole cycle, so timing needs to be perfect!

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    With everything in the right place you only have a 25% chance of conceiving each cycle. Also it helps if the woman is not thinking of becoming pregnant and just enjoying the action. That in its self is stress on the body according to my doctor. Heck I think that would be a great time took me 3 years. I didn't fall pregnant until the very next month after I had given up.

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    because teenage females have extra eggs then older women human beings and considering no matter if you time each little thing wisely you basically have a 10% probability of having pregnant each month. women human beings could have classes with out ovulating. no matter if or not they do ovulate ovulation can selection from cycle to cycle. a classic era isn't 28 days and ovulation does not ensue at day 14 of a lady's cycle. that's basically an widely used. the myth of a lady having to have a 28 day cycle as a fashion to conceive is erroneous. maximum women human beings basically have a 24-26 day cycle and that is seen prevalent. each from time to time in case you try to difficult the female's body will strive against concept. also if the female has antagonistic cervical mucus that's going to kill all the sperm on contact. Cervical mucus should be perfect for the sperm to swim as a lot because the uterus otherwise they receives trapped. women those who're attempting to get pregnant might want to remove all forms of caffeine from their weight help application.

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    There's so many things that have to take place for conception to happen it's amazing people get pregnant at all. First the woman must ovulate. You've gotta have sex at the right time. Then the sperm have to find the egg. If one does find the egg, then it has to implant. After that it has to stick in there. So by the time you consider all that has to happen it's not that unbelievable that it takes awhile sometimes.

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    It doesn't always, but that seems to be an average that they throw out there to keep people from freaking out if they're not pg after one shot. With so many timing and environmental concerns, then the chances of the fertilized egg implanting, the implantation holding, etc, it doesn't pay to tell everyone who tries twice and comes in crying to the doctor that they're doing it all wrong.

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    What the heck are you worried about 8 months is average at least that used to be the average for years.

    You in a contest or something, only kidding.

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    Twas never my experience ... I seemed to get PG very easily and quickly ... almost too much so .... Three of my children were born within two years of each other .... YIKES! (may 82, May 83, June 84)

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    me and my husband got pregnant first month of trying.

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    its all in Gods timeing maybe its not there time yet and it works best if you dont try!!!lol

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