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PPl say they can't beileve I am clueless about MEN, but I am. I can never tell when they like me?

Tell me what is a sure way to tell and not obsess over every hint.

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    How they talk to you. Different things they say to you; that let you know they really care. You sound very dis-trustful. Watching a man's behavior and actions will give you pretty good hints how they feel about you.

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    Many women are clueless about men. They have the false assumption that men are "simple creatures," discounting what Nietzsche said: Still waters run deep.

    Still, most guys are pretty overt about the signs they give in a relationship. If they like you, they'll be friendly, maybe a little nervous or shy. If they don't, they won't offer to spend time with you. If you over-analyze every little thing a guy does, you're probably psyching yourself out. Don't worry so much.

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    A sure way to tell is to ask him out on a date! That's the surest way I know of to find out. Other than that . . . if he enjoys talking to you and hanging out with you, that's usually a good sign. Good luck!

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    I think they should all come with little booklets because even tho they say WOMEN are confusing (in which I cant deny, we are!) They are so simple minded that us complex minded are baffled at such simplicity

    But if you find out any clues on their species, please share with the rest of us wondering females!

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    if the eye contact is longer than avg. or lasts past the talking its a sure sign <-.->

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    I'm just as lost as you, sorry

  • i dont know anything about men, sorry

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