In India the Christian Missionaries receive lots of donation from abroad for charity and conversion activities

Do the Hindus also get fund from out side to counter conversion activities?

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    Hundreds of millions of dollars are collected by both the protestant lutheran churches and catholic churches in India from whole over the christian countries in the name of charity but it is a fact that a big sum of the whole collcection is spent for converting the indigent and poor in India. The Muslims have been receiving in millions from the Oil rich countries for similar activities in India because it is a secular country and there are lots of constitutional protection and privileges guaranteed to the religious minorities.

    The second part of your question that where from the Hindus get similar help for countering such activities? I think, the answer is ' from no where'.

    The Hindus are not organised lot on the basis of faith because Hinduism is more a way of living than believing.

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    First of all, I am not a Christian so don't think I am defending anyone, or have a bias if I say a kind word about Christians. You make a good point. They do need a defense because certain aspects of religion are disruptive to other cultures.

    I have heard that a lot of the monies that Mother Theresa received went not to poverty relief in India, but to the coffers in Rome. (by the way I was raised Catholic, so I am not a Pope -a- phobe like some, but also, I am not a true believer.

    On the other hand some organizations bring a lot of money to the poor. One example are the Southern Baptists. They do a lot of charitable work in that area of the world. In Islamic countries they offer charity (true charity because they get no (0) converts ever.) So it is kind of a mix. They do some good, some bad.

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    Is this a real question? There are Christian missionaries everywhere, I think the southern baptists are trying to work on a plan to convert the penguins at the south pole right now. Lots of money is spent on travel and salaries and all sorts of expenses. Some governments of various countries do their best to keep the missionaries from doing too much damage in their countries but mostly their is no organized plan that I'm aware of against the missionaries. They usually provide other things besides Jesus, that poor areas need, medicine, schools, food, agriculture, so the people will at least humor them. Now I'm not for missionaries but surely they can't be doing too much damage, just ignore them, that's what we do over here.

    Source(s): son of a missionary and sister married a missionary kid. Worked in Africa and Europe and all over the US.
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    You know nothing about the RSS.You r just a viewer/reader of media.Therefore,it is adviceable to know the RSS first before making such comments about that organisation.RSS is the only organisation which is preaching patriotism and serving the people in need without any help from the Govt.Their members r not interested in "castes".You like people and the so called secular Governments can't stop islamic terrorism or illegal conversions.Only RSS is a threat for them.It is the reason that they have tried their best to ban the RSS by influencing their favourites.RSS is of the opinion that all the citizens should be treated equally,But Muslims,Christians and pseudo secularists believe in the provisions of special status.So,rethink about the RSS and deliver mature question.

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    Conversions?? I sponsor a child in India through the Christian Children's Fund and I hate to burst your bubble but his religion is respected. I write the child all the time and he writes back. On occasion he has sent me illustrations of Hindu Gods. Very pretty.

    So the whole conversion conspiracy is a lie told by people like you.

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