what do you mean by the term "INTRACOMMUNICATION"?

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    Sounds like jargon for silently talking to myself

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    means within the borders of the site. like acity has has a infrasystem with roads anhd sewer and water etc. see the parallel? the programed system yahoo has set up to create this site for us to talk so to speak. or write as i prefer. i abhor talkig o a phone. people don't make sense on the phone i don';t like smiley small introductory small talk. hard to bite m tongue. hello, i understand you wnagted to signh up to get a degree so you can make more moeny etc? NO! No i don't take me oof your list. callscalsl. then the medical people call with their medicare and bcbs ins all screwed up and i don't want to argue abot whats what. they only hire minimal wage people and they doh't ever undstand what they are doing. like talking to a parrot. remember the parrot who fired mork (robbin williams) in the survivalists? i that was funny and al too real. ilaugh years later because ofthe truth. so they afre talking about connjecting between posters i guess.

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    Communicaction within a Specific Group, Back and Forth, From The Group and for The Group.

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