i have neroburn. but it is nor burn *.cda files( audiofiles). what can i do?

just i copy all songs in my pc. now i am trying to write in new cd as audio cd. but my nero could not find .cda format.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I see your problem. You have copied the .cda files from an audio CD. But, these files are quite small. These files are not the songs, but... their headers...

    So, you have the headers but you don't have the songs, thus Nero cannot burn the audio CD.

    If you want to copy a CD use Nero SmartStart (TM).

    If you want to create your own Audio CD from valid music files such as mp3, the use, the same, Nero SmartStart (TM).

    Good luck!

  • 1 decade ago

    you cant copy directcly an audio disk to pc

    when u copy and paste it will just create some shortcuts on your disk

    you could try to use an audio ripper (windows media player also does this) or you can copy the original disk using an on the fly comand (sorth of a carbon copy). after you ripp the audio disk you can re write the files partialy or fully to another disk.

    p.s.: do not copy original disks without autorization. It is not nice.

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