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whats your worst experience at a taco bell besides getting ecoli?

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    Last visit, in 1998. A HUGE glob of hair wrapped up in my sisters taco. It wasn't just A hair, it was like somebody cleaned their hairbrush.

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    I am sure you all realise the taco's are whimpy. If I haven't eaten all day, I can eat 7 of them. Well anyway, one day my 2 sons and I went to Taco Bell and ordered the 10 pack of taco's to split, we were still hungry so I ordered another 10 pack. My sons can eat, and I do mean eat. So I ended up ordering another one and they kept walking around our table trying to figure out how many each of us ate. I was getting kind of irate at this behavior, and asked when they would have a taco special. The one guy told me that he would never tell us if they did, not the way we can eat taco's. I thought that was so rude, we cleaned the table and left. And no, we didn't eat all the taco's, there were 7 of them left that got ate later. When I make my own taco's, I can only eat 3, even Rudy's taco's are much better and bigger.

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    I ate at a Taco Hell in a mall. Then I got on a bus to go back into the city. I could feel the tacos wanting to exit. I had about a 1/2 mile walk home after I got off the buss. I made it almost all the way home and I started to crap my pants. So I pulled them down and took a crap right there. Cars were driving by and all I could do was just wave at them.

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    I personally do not like Taco Bell. I find that I just do not like the tacos or their food in general. It has never made me sick the few times I have eaten there. When I do go there I will eat the Nachos Supreme Fries and that's about it. Overall I do not like Taco Bell.

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    Let me count the ways:

    1) Wildly inconsistent burrito size. Meal size one day; two teaspoons of filling the next. What is the problem? You have to order two, just to make sure you get fed. Somebody needs to learn to use a measuring scoop.

    2) Related to the above: Shift change time at TB is the worst time to be there. They will scrape a half teaspoon of cheese dust, tip up the old pan and shake it into your burrito in order to keep from having to break out the next shift's new pan of cheese.

    3) The help fighting with customers who point out portion size problems of the kind I do above. I saw a TB manager fight with a man who asked why the nachos bell grande looked on the poster like they have a cup of meat on them, and all they gave him were 5 or 6 dry crumbly little rabbit turds of meat on his. Somebody needs to go back to "the customer is always right" class at Yum, Inc., and this time, get something out of it besides a paper hat.

    The service, assembly and management of TB is shoddy as all hell. Worse than McD's, even.

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    To be honest, most of my experiences at Taco Bell have been bad. Especially those times I decided to go to the drive-thru. In general, the service is bad.

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    I worked at Taco Bell for 8 minutes. as soon as I burned myself on the steamer I quit and left.

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    My worst time was one where the people didn't speak English except one person that translates that was a horror.

    I hate to tell you but otherwise it has been a pleasure at our taco bells on L.I. N.Y.except lunch time when the lines are to long.

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    My worst experience there doesn't involve food. I was an employee there for two hours. I spent two hours reading through how-to manuals and listening to the manager scream at the employees. I quit the next day.

  • Annieo
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    I ate that so called crunchy taco wrap (its not at all crunchy, but really greasy). I had expected it to be crunchy, kinda like a double decker taco, but it wasn't and it was really greasy. So I took it back and explained. And they said in order for it to e crunchy, you have to eat it within the first minute. So kinda false advertisement, since the entire commercial had crunching sound effects. They gave me another one, but it was just as gross. And it made me really sick afterwards...

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