Funny dischrage and delayed period?

Well I was wonder my period was 14 days late and today I started to have a pinkish brown which I just figured was my period but I'm not really sure.I really want to conceive more than anything and since I had a miscarriage it's seems like this unattainable thing.So any help is welcomed.


I also did a test the day my period was late at 9 pm and it came up negative.January 4 2007 was also my due date so I dont know if that would affect anything

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    you could be pregnant that bleeding is called implantation bleeding i hope the best for you good luck and God Bless you Merry Christmas

  • Missy
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    1 decade ago

    It takes the egg 6-10 days to fertilize....Id venture to say, it is implantation bleeding.........I had to go have my blood drawn yesterday @ 7pm.....I wont know until 9am, so I cant sleep... Nerves are torn up..........I would advise getting a blood draw..... ASAP ! The Dr might be able to get you in today......You will know by today also....It doesn't take very long to get the results..

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