What do you do when you get fired for no reason?I never late,completed all duties,was on call,?


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    Did you ask why? were you the only employee terminated? you may have a case to call the labour board.

    did you ever receive an appraisal or review during your 11 months?

    Is there an employee file? if so you have a right to review the content.

    Ask your former employer (in a professional manner) to have some time to discuss what has transpired to result in your termination.

    If you feel the response is unreasonable, or unjustified...contact the labour board, or speak with a lawyer.

    But you will need to know, that if you win your case, what is it you want? money? to be re-instated?

    Good luck to you.


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    You may not like what I am about to say:

    You knew it was coming. Don't tell me you were that innocent.

    Almost always it is never, I mean NEVER a surprise for the fired employee. Be honest to yourself. Deep down, do a soul search. You will see that you did not perform. If you thought you did, you probably did not understand the company requirements, job parameters. You really did not like the job. Be honest.

    No employer wants to get rid of an employee for no reason, especially a good one.

    In the fashion you say they did it - you knew all along the day of reckoning is coming. Sure enough, it did.

    All those things you say - coming on time, working to the best of your ability etc...- You are expected to do precisely that. No surprise there. But did you perform? Were you productive?

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    It really depends on what type of job you are doing, if the guy wanted to fire you for low productivity, he probably could but he sounds like a jerk. If it is a low paying job, it isn't worth getting upset over. Unfortunately we all end up working for a real brick head at least once. Move on and turn up the idle. Remember sometimes people need to be challenged, when they are challenged they think of different things to do for money. I have never been fired but I have quit a few jobs when things didn't look very promising. Think of it as a transition. If the people you are working with are that big of a pain, it is time to move on. I have always applied the non-aggressive approach when dealing with co-workers. The other thing is focusing on your job and not the people around you. It sounds like you got screwed.

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    Depending on the state your in, you may be able to file for unemployment. In CA, if you are terminated at no fault of your own, you are eligible for unemployment benefits. If the employer cannot produce evidence of a reason for termination, you're usually awarded unemployment benefits. If you feel you've been discriminated against, contact a lobor attorney. If you have a solid case, some attornies will work your case without charge and only collect a fee if you win or settle. I've worked for 3 employers who have settled cases just to avoid the cost of litigation even though they probably had good reason to terminate, just lacked documentation or evidence.

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    wow, tuff luck.. that sucks. depending on the state you live in, you might not have any chance at any kind of settlement or reembursement... like, here in colorado we are an 'at will' state, meaning that a company can fire or hire anyone they want for any reason with or without an excuse, but also, you can leave for any reason what so ever without an excuse.... it's called quitting. Most states dont' require a time period..... it is general courtesy for a company to give you notice, but they don't have to.

    To know for sure, call your state labor board and tell them what happend. if there's anything that they can do, you shouldn't need a lawyer.

    good luck!!

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    If I were you , I would ask the Manager to explain. If they are cutting staff to save money and think you did a good job you should get a letter of recommendation from them which explains this and "cancels out" the bad image their termination has left. Hopefully you will find a job quickly.

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    Dear my poor folk.............

    You can sue the filthy company through/via Manpower Dept., or you can hire a dedicated lawyer, then drag the company to the trial.

    But, that, unfortunately, promises you nothing to win the case. And that costs much, too.

    So, I suggest you to just forget about that unfair decision, and go find a new job that suits you, hopefully you'll never get this annoying case anymore. (you have good credits, though.)

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    You look for another job. Sorry, man. They don't need a reason. I'd still ask what was the reason. Because if they simply got too many people you might get a good reference out of them for you next position.

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    It depends on if you are in a Right-To-Work state which really means "they have a right to fire you for no reason state". If you are in a right-to-work state there is nothing you can do, if you don't then they may have terminated you illegally.

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    They should have given you some notice. Call the government agency that deals with unfair dismissals and tell them your situation.

    They may have fired you because they can't afford to keep you on.

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