what can you see the name of a wise old fish being? be creative. think almost like funny childrens book...?

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    Here are more suggestions: Gandalf, Bufflo, Medam, Goldfish. Okay dunno I;m not very good in creating names. :P I have this problem also when I'm writing stories it alays takes me a lot of time till I find the perfect name.

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    green fish

    red fish

    big fish


    mala fish




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    wise fish

    the big old wise fish

    old fish

    new fish

    fishy fish

    my blood has dried but not a name 2 b found

    hope u do appreciate my work.

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    Blarton the wise,

    or Farbel,

    or Shenham,

    or Broff,

    or Clamen

    or Bafsig

    or Niglan

    or targwin

    Any name you put in will sound familiar by the third time it is mentioned. Take lord of the rings for an example, Legalos. What kind of name is Legalos?Anyways hope this helped.

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    Melaquon the Wise. Greyfin. Oh, never mind, I'm bad at names.

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    How about Ahab like in Moby Dick? The kids will like it and the parents will appreciate the irony

    Maybe Ishmael from the same book?It even starts out saying "Call me Ishmael" This one is better than Ahab I think.

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    Big KAHUNA

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    1 decade ago

    arlo? i duno

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