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does it hurt when you get and ingrown toenail surgery?

im so damn scared of doctors and getting surgery. please i need some motivation or something to go before Christmas vacation is over so i can heal before school starts.

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    A good friend of mine had surgery for an ingrown toenail. Before the surgery, her toe was very red, swollen and draining pus. She used her lunch break at work for the surgery and came right back!! She said it didn't hurt as bad as the ingrown nail itself. She actually felt relived. Her doctor told her to go home afterwards but she said she felt well enough to come back to work. We have desk jobs so she just kept her foot propped up. This was a few months ago. She's been great ever since.

    Don't worry, I've been through 3 surgical procedures in less than three years. Last Christmas I had Shoulder surgery, the year before that knee surgery. This summer abdomial surgery! I still managed to work my two jobs,and go to school full time. Occasional aches and pains here and there, but I feel good.

    Take care of yourself and try not to worry.

    Happy holidays to you!


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    That depends on where you have it done and what the physicians attitude about anesthetics is.

    I had one cut out at an urgent care center and the guy kept saying, now you tell me if this hurts. SOB didn't use enough local to deaden everything. I wanted to kick him in the head repeatedly with my good foot and say, in a bored voice, now you tell me if this starts to hurt now. Felt like he was raking around in there with a twist of rusty barbed wire sterilized in Jack Daniels.

    Went to a podiatrist and the guy gave me so much local that it made me a little blinky. He did a lot more to it than the urgent care @sshole did and I still didn't feel a thing. The podiatrist narrowed the toenail by chemically burning the edge of the nail bed. He was a bit less generous with the local when he fixed the toenail on my other foot the same way but it was still a vast improvement over the tender mercies of the urgent care Frankenstein.

    Go to a proper foot doctor, not someone who dabbles in a little bit of everything and isn't exceptional at anything.

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    Getting toenail surgery for an ingrown toenail is such blatant over-kill it would be funny if it weren't for the outrageousness of it. I once had a surgeon want to do surgery on mine but I ran like mad. I fixed it myself. You can fix it by putting a tiny little ball of cotton under the corner of the toe nail edge which will hold it up to grow out above the skin. Yes it will probably hurt to do this if it is badly infected, but grit your teeth, bite a belt if necessary, but do it. Put some antibiotic ointment on it too and wait for it to grow out. Do not wear tight shoes. Prevent this in the future by cutting your toenails straight across not in a curve. It is hard to find a straight edged clipper but hunt until you do. Use scissors in the meanwhile til you find one. My husband had his whole toenail removed by some drunken bozo when he was a kid and it never grew back.

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    It wasn't painful for me I had both feet done 2 says later went to Vegas for 3 days then went back to work. IT was such a relief not to have the pain I was having before that if I did have any pain is wasn't noticeable i was just in glow of the relief

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    Before you have surgery ask the doctor for something to help you relax the day before and maybe that morning. Just let them put you to sleep and it will be all over before you know. Make sure you get some pain medication to take to help you control the pain. PLEASE don't miss taking your pain med.

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    Nope it sure doesn't! They put the toe to sleep so you are not going to feel nothing during the surgery. Kinda hurts when they poke you in the toe with the needle but its not bad. Don't worry tho, it's gonna be okay, and good luck on the surgery! :)

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    No the surgery does not hurt

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    No! they will numb it fully with a needle & you wont feel it

    If you do feel any of it even a tiny tiny bit you tell them & they numb it more

    but that wont happen it will be numb 100%

    I have had things done on my face & i didn't feel a thing after a needle was put in

    please don't be scared because its not necessary

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    Not as bad as having an ingrown nail.

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    I had it. They put me out. Did'nt feel a thing. They give you a shot and ask you to count backward from 100. You get to 97 and you're out...

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