why my mom left me?

my mom is 18 and so my dad and they separated with each other left me at my grandmother at 10 months old. and now im already 27 year old still the pain in my heart is within me. im confused why she left me. and me for me if i have a baby i cant abandon him/her but until now im wishing to have a baby but for 6 yrs of marriage dot get pregnant. what u think my mom's reason why she left me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    maybe she didnt have money

    maybe she couldnt care for you as well as someone else

    maybe she just didnt want a kid

    maybe she didnt like you

    maybe she wasnt grown up enough to handle a kid

    maybe........... the list can go on for ever...to find out why you gotta ask HER.

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