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vaginal discharge clear no odor possible he ejaculated in me?

i got my period nov. 22 and it is now dec. 22nd still no period but me and my boyfriend had sex 2 wks ago and he was a little drunk and said that he didnt have an orgasm and it was pre-ejaculation and he was satisfied. I've had discharge but NO odor for 1-2 days . He would never tell me to get me worried but last week when we had sex he used withdrawal and I had no discharge like the usual. Possible that he ejaculated in me?

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    was it warm and different than other times?

    Then, yes he finished the contract inside.

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    i think the ans is YES he did ejaculated in u.the discharge is watery type and last for 1 or 2 days. by next week if u still didnt get ur period go and pay ur doc a visit.GOOD LUCK!

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    I guess take a pregnancy test or see a doctor, there is a very good chance of become pregnant with withdrawal from you, I think you need to learn about more about s*x stuff before you have it.

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    first off ewww and Yes get a test asap and do be careful I get tired of telling people when it comes to sex but no on listens why are only Goths Virgins at least the ones from12-16

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    Very possible, get a test!

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    pre-ejaculate contains sperm. Get checked.

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    sounds like he came inside you, penis's are like guns they shoot live rounds all the time and if it goes off inside of you .......

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